Sunday, July 12, 2015

Never Tell Me The Odds

I ran a game of Star Wars “Birthday Game” for my friend I have been gaming with since 1990. We used d20 Star Wars as a basis for the system, but as all d20 based systems are alike we played by the spirit and not the exact letter of the rules. I have never GMed or played d20 Star Wars, and it is way too crunchy to be a go to system for me, but I didn’t have time to homebrew anything, and figured working on an adventure was more productive than building a system.
I hate what Star Wars has become, and this game is based on Episodes 4, 5, and 6 as the only cannon, all prequels, novels, and other content ignored. I set my game in Mos Eisley a half dozen years before the events of Episode 4 and described my game as Shadow Runners in a Star Wars Universe with a healthy dose of Dungeon Crawling. No Jedi allowed just down on their luck mercenary types getting pulled into the seedy underbelly of Tatoonie.
The characters purged the depths of an abandoned moister farm looking for a stolen surgery bot. A small dungeon that ended with the characters heading off in landspeedes for a three way show down between The Empire, the goons of a crime boss, and themselves as they speed across the desert. But that will be the next session. The they hit the real dungeon HERE as they try and evade the enemies they created.

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