Monday, January 18, 2016

Broken Legions A Roman Fantasy Skirmish Game

Osprey books has been release skirmish games, Frostgrave being well reviewed and something I look forward to playing (I picker it up last year).

I saw this on Amazon today while going to pick up another skirmish rules set En Garde!

"The Roman Empire rules the civilized world with an iron fist, seemingly all-powerful and limitless. And yet the power of Rome is secured not by its mighty legions but by small bands of warriors and agents fighting a secret war. Tasked by the Emperor to explore ancient temples, forgotten labyrinths, and beast-haunted caverns, they seek out artifacts hidden by the gods themselves, hunt creatures of myth, and face enemies that would use dark magic against the empire.

Broken Legions is a set of fantasy skirmish rules for a war unknown to history, fought in the shadows of the Roman Empire. Various factions recruit small warbands to fight in tight, scenario-driven battles that could secure the mystical power to defend--or crush--Rome. A points system allows factions to easily build a warband, and mercenaries and free agents may also be hired to bolster a force. Heroes and leaders may possess a range of skills, traits, and magical abilities, but a henchman's blade can be just as sharp, and a campaign can see even the lowliest henchman become a hero of renown."

Get it here !

That sounds like early D&D dungeon explorations with wargame rules, only with Romans not knights and squires. Sign me up!

Games like this beg to be turned into a Role-Playing Skirmish Experience and not just a war game between two opposing forces. I am crossing my fingers rules exist for a DM and player option and not just player versus player. Frostgrave has campaign rules, but does not (yet) support a player and DM model.