Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A What If Product Pitch: Star Wars Mega Dungeon

The above is a still from the new Star Wars Trailer. As I watched this I thought wow, that’s a Mega Dungeon waiting to happen. On my run Saturday morning I thought more about it and formulated a half mad idea of what I would do if I could use Star Wars IP in a OSR dungeon crawl setting.
Pitch: A sandbox set around Mos Eisley with a crashed Star Destroyer serving as a Tentpole mega dungeon. The setting would be in the Star Wars universe, but would use only Episodes 4-6 as cannon and is set 20 years before them.

System: A Sci-Fi version of the Peril and Plunder, with an expanded skill system and magic removed. (maybe add force sensitive, but no Jedis) compatible with any OSR system. Gritty and dirty with only the smallest hint of Space Opera.

Scope: Levels 1-5 no more no less. A finite adventure that serves as a mini campaign that runs 12-20 sessions. The characters retire rich or die trying.
The Back Cover: You are not a hot shot pilot, a space princess, or a farm boy with magical powers. You are a dirt poor scavenger hoping you can scrape enough credits together to get off of this rock they call Tatooine.

During the Clone Wars a Star Destroyer attempted an emergency landing in the desert north of Mos Eisley.  Damaged beyond repair the Imperial salvage teams took what they could, buried their dead, released bio-spores to soak up the radiation, and abandoned the ship.

The Jawas tell you somewhere in the vessel is a Type 11 Yelton-Brahs Hyper Pump and they have a buyer that is willing to pay top credits for it. It is up to you to risk the Imperial patrols, Tusken raiders, and whatever radiation spawned monstrosities have made their home in the depths of the wreckage in the last 15 years. Unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before the Hutt’s find out about the buyer and send their own team to recover it…..

Includes: Conversion rules for OSR game sets, new races, equipment, rules for salvage, the Star Destroyer dungeon, the home base of Mos Eisley including the Hutt’s palace, random encounters and side quest in the Dune Sea, new monsters (Krayt dragons, womp rat packs, sarlacks, etc.).
Sure it never going to happen but it made the run go faster.