Sunday, March 22, 2015

Third Patron Book and Test

I have added a third Patron Book to DrivethruRPG (link at the right). I have not yet made the files available for free in my downloads as I have limited access to internet. All my game work goes slow as I have been without internet at my new apartment for almost two months.

This one is for The Order of St. Asclepius, a traveling order of healing monks. The first two Patron Books were solid analogizes to the druid and the cleric, but this is a little different, it presents a divine caster with better healing spells, but less armor and weapon choices and stronger restrictions on actions. It is a more “advanced” choice than the first two or at least a variation to the standard cleric presented in early editions.

My next Patron book will most likely be Vordon, a Primal Patron for barbarian warriors, a patron that would be a good stand in for Thor and presents few restrictions but limited spells.

I have also been working on a random dungeon generator using hex-maps. I am toying with a solo play experience that plays similar to the “Dungeon” board game with a random map and longer play time. It would also have more “Old School” elements like henchman and resource management.
The first step is creating 8 inch hexs with squares in them. I used excel for these and they came out good enough for the test. Each hexs has exits, but will not always connect to the next hex. they are laid randomly as you explore and get progressively harder. a Work in progress and one that is keeping me from finishing what I need to do, the Peril and Plunder Patron Guide and Arcane Magic. both about 75% done.....