Monday, December 22, 2014

Two for One

I have added my first Patron Book to the “Plunder” section. I picked the Order of the Crimson Sun as this is the Patron most closely associated with the Cleric as presented in B/X rules system. This book includes all the rules for using patron magic (divine or cleric) as presented in the Peril and Plunder Playing Guide. The rules in this patron book (and all other that will be added) can be used in other OSR rules systems as an alternative to the standard Cleric rules.

I have added both a standard (page in order) edition and a version ready to be printed and folded into a booklet (print and fold).

I am very happy with the booklet edition; I suggest you print the cover in color on higher weight paper, probably a tan, and the remaining pages in black and white.
Personally I need to go buy a better stapler to bind my copies. I intend to send some out to my players as gifts.

I expect to have two or three more patron books out before 2015.