Monday, January 27, 2014

Coming Soon

When I started this blog in May of 2013 I used it as a resource to store download resources for the playtest versions of the Peril and Plunder™ rules and not as a forum for actual blogging. I am now proud to announce (with my first post on this blog) that after months of play testing and small tweaks I will be offering Peril and Plunder™ for sale on DrivethruRPG in February 2014.

The version offered will be an art free low cost version of Peril and Plunder™ starting with the 32 page playing guide and followed up shortly by Peril and Plunder™ Appendix One: Sample Patrons and Peril and Plunder™ Appendix Two: Arcane Magic.
The Peril and Plunder™ Playing Guide provides rules on building characters and using them in adventures, including rules for combat, casting spells, henchman, advancing in levels, environmental hazards, overland movement, poisons, disease, and the ever popular accidently falling long distances.
Peril and Plunder™ is a rules lite fantasy roleplaying game compatible with almost all versions of classic and modern RPG systems relying on the D20. Peril and Plunder™ is designed to allow players to create customized characters but still jump into the action quickly. In Peril and Plunder™ players build their characters by choosing building blocks, called proficiencies, to represent what their character is good at instead of choosing a traditional class. For example a character may be proficient in melee combat and defense, or melee combat and ranged combat, or melee combat and divine magic. Peril and Plunder™ also has a different (but easily houseruled back to the classic) version of casting divine and arcane spells than traditionally presented.
I will be removing the playtest download links from this site.
Peril and Plunder™ is a trademark of Raven and the Flame Games LLC.