Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good is not Good Enough

I finished the Peril and Plunder Playing Guide and made it available for sale on Lulu in both color and black and white early last month.
Unfortunately when my copies of the books arrived the interior illustrations where pixilated and this is why the links are not listed here.
I then made a huge mistake; I purchased Publisher 2013 for my laptop. I had been using publisher I had running on my ancient laptop from 2005. I thought I would treat myself to an upgrade, especially as my old laptop was unable to connect to the internet and I was constantly moving files via jump drive between my two computers.
Once purchased I discovered Publisher 2013 does not allow you to wrap texts around pictures the way previous versions do. The options and commands are still there, but it doesn’t work, you cannot edit wrap points in Publisher 2013, despite the options to do so. The internet confirmed I was not mistaken and I was not the only one ticked off by this. My advice buy Publisher 2010 not 2013.
I have slowly gone through and added higher resolution illustrations to the document. I have manually wrapping the texts around the pictures by moving them to the back ground, but this was time consuming and frustrating especially after paying money for a program that should do this automatically.
I plan on sending the updated document back to Lulu next weekend and getting a second set of documents, hopefully these will be worthy.