Wednesday, June 11, 2014


By mid May I had redone all of the art in the color version of the Peril and Plunder Playing Guide and reposted it on Lulu. I think the improvements were worth the energy. I then decided to spend money to hire an editor. I know throwing money at a vanity project is a bad idea, but if it has my name on it I want it to be worthy. Yup vanity.

I worked out a deal with a friend who was a journalism major and had worked for a while on a professional magazine to give me a bargain price edit as a favor, but is they are doing it in their spare time so I can't really rush them.

My playtest party hit 50 sessions a week ago. The real number including the zero level games to learn and the sessions that ended up being us B.S. for 90 minutes because we were missing a player is closed to 60 sessions, but I can say we have played 50 legitimate games of Peril and Plunder. Session 51 was last night and the only character to survive through all sessions, including the zero level playtest made 6th level. Congratulations Ragnor the Dwarf.