Sunday, August 14, 2016

For the Record

I finished part one of my passion project and haven't been motivated to start the next, more difficult part. I have a Lulu version of the first part ready to print, just waiting for a sale, and I assume once I see it in print I will be motivated. I also reached out for some motivation from a community member who has his pulse on the OSR.

Still also slowly editing the next book for my Peril and Plunder Rules......I am not happy with the formatting. Not sure if I should scrape it and figure out a way to present it more player focused.

Mostly though I have been playing, but have done a little DMing of 5e. Specifically 1E against the Giants as written just subbing in the 5e monster stat blocks. In a game a couple of weeks ago I took a screen shot to capture one of the players roll three natural 1's in a row on the same attack.

The PCs won the fight, but still always fun to see such a grand failure.