Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Charachter Sheet

My character sheet from a  campaign of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. This Campaign was unfortunately brief as I moved across the country.

I modified my Peril and Plunder sheet and was happy with the "Dice" for stat and skills.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Best Source for Spell Components and Magical Properties of Materials?

My work on finishing my Sample Patron’s book has been long stalled while I worked on ceremonies (complicated long lasting spells for casters using Piety). Writing the ceremonies was not really the problem, I only have 15, but I really wanted to include sample components for each as well as upgraded components that would reduce the costs of these ceremonies.
The 1E DMG has some suggested magical properties for gems and the real world medical application of herbs, but not a lot of magical effects attributed to these herbs and flowers in medieval times. Well after struggling with this as my resource I turned to my collection of RPGs looking for more inspiration.

I thought Ars Magica was going to be my savior, but it included little of this. I then spent more time reading it than I should, because I am somewhat fascinated by it as a concept. Warhammer and Pendragon were both of little help but again time thieves. Blood and Treasure had a small section which was better than expected, but I again reread part of this as I am playing in a B/X game right now.

Eventually I opened up my Chivalry and Sorcery 3rd edition and worked my way through the walls of tightly packed text to pages 9-129 thru 9-131 which has more tightly packed pages of the Magical properties of Herbs, Flowers, Woods, Gemstones, Metals, and Miscellaneous Materials.

Thank you Edward E. Simbalist, Wilf Backhaus, and G.W. Thompson for including this in your book.
I can say I am never going to even attempt to read or play Chivalry and Sorcery, but these pages where invaluable as a source of inspiration and reference. I have no idea who did the research, but it looks legit and was much better than anything I could find on the internet.

Here is an interesting blog entry on C&S from a blog I should pay more attention too

Here is a link to buy the 4th edition which I have no idea if it includes the same information


Here is a sample ceremony, about 75% complete but just editing at this point.

Animal Barrier 3 Any Non-Primal
Piety Cost: 60 (laity)
Casting Time: 3 hours Duration: 1 year
During this ceremony a line is traced using a mixture of sacred materials. The beginning and end of the line must meet, and the line can be no more than 600 feet long. Once the ceremony is successful completed no animals may willing enter the area enclosed by the line, and all animals within the area will seek to leave the area as fast as possible. The effects of this ceremony travel 100 feet above and below the line.
Sample Components: At least one gallon of animal blood mixed with primrose blossoms, mugwort, grave dirt, and ash made from burring juniper bark.
Reductions: Using a gallon of centaur blood reduces the cost of this ceremony by 20 PP. Adding soot from a forge or smelter reduces the cost by 10 PP. Dirt from the grave of a hunter reduces cost by 5 PP. Adding the powdered bones of a woman killed by a wild beast reduces cost by 20 PP. Adding snake tongues soaked in brine for 48 hours reduces the cost by 10 PP.  Gathering the Mugwort at dawn reduces the cost by 3PP.