Tuesday, August 1, 2017

BX Complete

Early in the year I finished a project but still haven’t figured out what to do with it. 

I took the PDFs of the Moldvay and Cook Basic and Expert rules, copied and pasted all of the text, then combined the text to create an integrated version of the book. I then laid the entire thing out in publisher and added in the original art. I know have a version of the B/X rules combined into a single 120 page hardbound book.

 I also made a Player’s version (With the red Basic cover) with sections 1-5 and a DM’s Version (with the blue expert cover) with sections 6-8. I just integrated the rules for waterborne travel into the Encounters and Combat section. 


Getting the monster section formatted took the longest, but was also the most satisfying as I could never remember what monsters were in which book.

All the spells in one book is also nice.

Having all the rules in one place is great for me, but I can’t distribute it without breaking serious copyright law. I need to find a way to get WOTC to put this up as PDF. I don’t want money I just want people to have B/X, the best version on D&D for beginners.