Friday, October 9, 2015

Spelljamming 5e Style

I have been working on finishing Appendix One: Sample Patrons, mostly just editing and adding art at this point. It is 44 pages long, 12 more than the main rule book, but I wanted to present plenty of options for player.

The project has dragged on longer than expected and I need to finish it so I can move on to Appendix Two: Arcane Magic. Realistically lets say 2018. Lets see if I can beat George R.R. Martin.

Meanwhile I have been playing a half-orc fighter in a 5e Spelljammer game. He is a smart ass swashbuckling scoundrel type who tries to talk his way in to trouble as often as possible. He is built for stealth and thievery, and I don't think he is optimized at all, but I am having fun playing him.


  1. Can you give an example of the rules you're using for your Spelljammer 5e game?

    1. We are using the original 2E rules modified as needed during play. Combat between ships run pretty much as written. We have tried a variety of different methods of handling the spelljammer helms specifically how spells are drained from use.

      In the end we just ignore the spell loss and went with you can't cast while you are in the helm. Not cannon but no one wants to drive the ship if they lose all their abilities for the day.

      I hope they eventually come out with an official 5E book for spelljammer. I played a ton of spelljammer back in the early 90s and its gonzo fun.