Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rules Cyclopedia Charachter

This is an single session character from an online Rules Cyclopedia game, cut short by scheduling conflicts.

Halvard was rolled 3d6 in order with two rerolls and the addition of three homebrew stats. Comeliness was my downfall. I am not a fan of Basic one spell Magic Users so I went with a Fighter, a smart Fighter.

Halvard had a short but distinguished career. I will skip to the end of the adventure after we had barley managed to kill a demon. Returning to saftey low on food in the dead of winter Halvard and his adventuring band came across the one route over the river guarded by equally hungry bandits. Halvard seeing no alternative spurred his charger into battle, a battle that killed one of his companions and knocked the rest unconscious. Halvard killed bandits till they fled. Bandaging his companions I rolled a dice to see if Halvard was vengeful, he was. Hoping they would not freeze before his return he left his companion and tracked the bandits that fled then killed them.

We switch campaigns faster than underwear in high school, and Halvard will join the ranks of the hundreds of characters of mine who played one session before being retired alive and richer than they started. I will miss Halvard, and his potential, but he made it out alive and rich.

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