Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Playing Guide is Done (Time For Me to Play)

After an extensive re-edit for grammar and a second test printing to fix the image quality of the back cover, the Peril and Plunder Playing Guide is now officially off my plate.

I am happy with the results but would have loved to get professional art. I didn’t Kickstart Peril and Plunder because I wanted to take the time to do it right and extensively playtest the rules without a deadline hanging over my head. Maybe after all four initial books are completed I will revisit the playing guide and think about a Kickstarter so I can add professional art.

To celebrate the books official release I have taken a hiatus from GMing my playtest sessions and I have joined three games as a player. I have joined a Pathfinder game as a straight class fighter with a 9 strength, a 5th Edition Starter Set game playing two of the pre-gens, the ax fighter and the dwarven cleric, and on Thursday an Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborean with a yet to be determined character.

I figure a good month of playing and working on Appendix One: Sample Patrons should allow me the time to finish it up and recharge the DMing batteries. I have all 32 pages of Sample Patrons written. I just need a solid edit of the content, work out the layout, and create the art.

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